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  Harold Byers, Jr., B.A., M.S., D.C.

Walk-Ins Welcome..........Transportation provided if needed.  If you need x-rays, MRI's, CT scans or other tests, they will be performed to find out your cause of pain. Pain management or referral to an orthopedic surgeon will also be provided if needed in your care.   Our aim is to give you the best care we can! We believe in a team work of professionals in your time of injury.  We will give you strong documentation of your injuries in case of litigation.  

*Need help with your paperwork,  no problem,  one of my staff will help you fill out necessary papers.  

  Reasons why you should be examined by the "Louisville Accident Doctor" following a car  wreck!


1) You may be injured and may not know it.  Our doctors are very experienced in care and treatment of auto injuries of the spine, joints, and soft tissues.

2)  Injuries such as whiplash may not show symptoms for hours, days or even weeks.  

3) Medical professionals all agree that the first 72 hours after an accident is the most critical and effective time to receive treatment.  Delay may lead to chronic, permanent and/or arthritic changes.

4) The majority of injuries from automobile accidents occur at speeds of 6-12 MPH. Your car may not reveal any damage, but your body might.  Cars are designed for collision,  are bodies are NOT!

5) A soft-tissue injury may become permanent. If not properly treated, scar tissue can form around and in the muscles leaving them less flexible and prone to re-injury.

6) Scar tissue can start forming on soft tissue after the first 24 hours and cause more pain and disability.

         **If you have injuries and are in litigation.  You need strong documentation of your injuries.  You will feel comfortable knowing that the "Louisville Accident Doctor" can treat your injuries and work with your attorney and insurance company.

One call is all there is to getting the help you need.  Just call Sherri,  she is standing bye to answer you questions.  She is not located out of state like most helplines.  She is in Louisville and ready to help you.


Things to know after an accident!  5 most dangerous words-"Maybe it will go away"